Tuesday, November 5, 2013


6 weeks is a short time, very short indeed, if you are considering the macroeconomic situation in India at least. The last six weeks have demonstrated how from virtually the onset of economic crisis, the macroeconomic situation recovered, so much so that the benchmark SENSEX is close to breaching the highest points recorded in history. There is a sense of confidence in the Finance Ministry and the RBI. Confidence is certainly commendable, but it must not turn into complacency.

The Artheenti September issue will take you through what really happened in the last 2 months, the fallout points, the emerging positives of late, and the path ahead. This publication also consists of articles on relevant and contemporary issues such as “Impact of QE Tapering on world growth” and “Rupee on a downhill yatra. But for how long?”. We also have an article from our alumnus Joiel Akilan of the 1994 batch on “Lessons for Team India Inc“. Also, we have published an interview with Mr. Kewal Handa who has served as the Managing Director at Wyeth Limited and Pfizer Limited. He shares his immense knowledge and insights on the pharmaceutical sector. To conclude, we have an article on “Dependence of Indian Markets on FIIs“ by the SIMSREE Finance Forum.
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