Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Travel Pictures from Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok. The name elicits a certain feeling. The image of Bangkok is clear; once you mention it to just about anybody you think: “wild, off the hook, fast, in your face, bizarre.”

As a guy who has visited BKK on about 5 occasions all are true. Bangkok is wild at times, kinda off the hook, fast-moving and quite in your face too. And bizarre.

One street tout pushed her home-made bracelets on us last night. In the name of good taste I will not repeat the phrases adorning the bracelets. But really, BKK is all about being in a city where the unexpected happens, quite a bit.

Today I am sparing the fingers and going light on text. Heavy on images.

Let’s start off with our hotel. Note; these pics are from a single day spent in Bangkok. Lots of fun in a wild city.

1: Roof of Our Hotel

Talk about abundance! Turns out our hotel was overbooked. We were next door at the adjoining luxury. The manager put us up in a room at said luxury hotel at the same price. Discounted like crazy, really, because this place was aweome.

A large, modern gym, pool, spa and koi pond adorned the roof. Pictured below is the koi pond. These suckers were monstrous. I estimate 1 bad boy was well over a foot and a half, and as for the weight, heck, I have no clue.

2: Kelli Roaming the Streets

OK, KC’s gonna get some air time. I snapped this picture of Kelli wandering through a market in Bangkok. Awesome spot; pretty much anything moving is on the menu along with an assortment of sweets, treats, underwear, flip flops, shirts, fake licenses, whatever. Name it, you got it.

All sit at bargain basement prices. Unreal. A short trip down a winding street in this city can deck you out and fill your tummy for a fraction of the price you would pay in a Western country.

Enjoy the pic below.

3: The Club

Hey does it get any more obvious. The Club is one of the many clubs in BKK. I did not visit; need me sleep before a 3:30 AM wake up call tomorrow for my next adventure.

But I had to snap an image.

4: Ronald McDonald Going Wai

OK if you have never visited Thailand 1 particular custom will tickle your fancy. Thais bow in a movment called a “wai” at just about anytime. The wai is a cool alternative to the bland Western handshake or the more personal hug. I like it. I feel special after getting the wair treatment and love returning the bow with hands facing one another.

Ronald McDonald goes wai in Thailand. Really cool shot.

Would you like fries and a wai with that?

5: Thailand Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuk drivers terrorize the streets of Bangkok. These guys provide a useful service but some of the aggressive cats will just about put you in the hospital with a coronary. I like using tuk tuks if Kelli and I are traveling a distance. Other than that we walk to stay in shape and save a few baht.

Of particular interest are the varying designs. Some go with the Batman theme. Others just go pink. Others adopt the theme of their namesake country. Whatever, you will see it all in Thailand. Especially Bangkok.

6: Tuks Tuks Lined Up

Another tuk tuk shot. Tuk tuks line up along the street to pick up unsuspecting or expectant customers. Some of the more aggressive touts will follow you and put the hand on ya to get a fare.

It is all in good fun. One rule; never get inside a tuk tuk until you have agreed on a price. Honest drivers will never take advantage of you but a few unscrupulous types might try to take you for 2 rides; 1, to your location, the 2nd, a shot to your wallet.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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