Saturday, September 7, 2013

Temple Hue Vietnam

Kelli and I deeply enjoyed our visit to Hue, Vietnam. We had a ball visiting local temples in Hue with a few of our Vietnamese buddies. One day we decided to teach an impromptu English class after receiving a request from a hotel manager. We were so happy to take him up because the experience was astounding. 2 days later we were blessed to take a journey around Hue, Vietnam on motorbikes.

Our tour guides? 6 Vietnamese teenagers who were more than happy to show us the ins and outs of each hot tourist spot around the city. Of particular coolness was the visit we paid to a temple. Methinks this one was off the tourist path in a big way, so much so that we saw no one there, save the monks, most of whom were children studying.

We saw:

  • monstrous snakehead fish
  • one young monk doing flips
  • other massive fish swimming in the large ponds on the temple grounds
  • some pretty impressive buildings
  • the estate of the royal family

A Different Experience

What made this experience wonderful was the presence of our tour guides; aka our teenage buddies. We saw sights and sounds missed by the average traveler through Hue. Also, since we befriended these individuals and helped them out the night before I feel the bond we formed created a more enjoyable experience because our buddies went above and beyond to help us see the true Hue, Vietnam.

After the day we were blessed to eat an authentic Vietnamese dinner at an off the beaten path spot. 4 courses. Wonderful. The food is so fresh and tasty I can smell the aroma over a year after the trip.


Taking the tour guide route is practical but if you really want to gain a glimpse into local culture befriend someone without any set agenda. Call it karma, or the law of attraction, or whatever you want to call it, but if you simply help someone - our English tutorials - without expectation of anything in return you will be pleasantly surprised by what materializes for you.

The Online Business Lesson

I like drawing my online business lessons into travel-related activities. This one is pretty darn easy; help someone without a set agenda. Help for the pleasure of helping someone. Just feel good about it and leave it at that. Awesome things will flow your way.

I have been focused on providing immense service through each and every blog posts which I write. Naturally, I have seen an uptick in growth through my income channels, from my ghostwriting client interest, to my network marketing venture, to all of the other channels I have opened up for myself.

Give freely receive easily. I am not traveling the world by accident you know. From my recent trip through Bangkok to my current stay in Kathmandu I genuinely want to help each and every person I come across, online or offline.

Not Always Easy

This is not always easy in the beginning. We are conditioned to think about us, us and us, all the time. So helping someone without thinking about what you are getting out of the deal can feel challenging but when you can revel in the joy of assisting someone, and detach from outcomes, your online business will grow at a stunning pace. Really.

Commit to helping people. Commit to growing your online business from an intelligent space.

Have you visited Hue, Vietnam?

What online business tips did you learn from this post?