Saturday, September 21, 2013

Can You Overcome the Suffering of Letting Go?

I admit it.

I cannot run 2 successful blogs.

I can run 1 uber successful blog and a 2nd blog. But where your attention and energy goes, grows. So, dividing my most potent creative energies between 2 blogs by trying to post on a daily basis is not going to happen.

What does this mean for you? A little has changed. Please take these steps.

#1 - Follow Me on Twitter. Follow my other blog there for daily, value-packed, 2500 word, resource-style posts.

#2 - Look out for at least 1 update weekly here.

#3 - Pay attention to the theme here; it might just grow your online business quickly.

What is the theme? Suffering. Specifically, the suffering you experience by letting go. I did things like post 30 times daily here, push these posts like mad, networking like an animal, etc....and after 1 month of going bezerk I had to face facts.

I had to let go this blog. At least on the daily posting side of things. Because it was not working. I suffered through making this decision. Again, I run a successful blog. I would link up here but due to Triberr requirements, please click on my twitter account above, and link up through that spot.

But anyway, you might suffer terribly when letting go. Ego thing. I overcame the suffering of letting go. Now my other blog receives 7500 page views daily. L let go, I grow. Fun, right?

Anyway, apply this idea to your online business. Where are you suffering? Where can you let go? Where can you better devote your creative energies.

See you on twitter. Then at my other blog ;)

Of course, after that I will see you here next week!

Ryan Biddulph