Friday, September 6, 2013

14 Time Management Lessons I Learned from a 17 Hour Flight

Wow. 17 hours. OK disclaimer time; I am 14 hours into the flight. Kelli and I arrived in Beijing a few hours ago. 13 hour flight from New York City JFK and now we are 1 hour in on our Air China flight to Bangkok. As I settle in to write my 4th article/post I can tell you something definitive; my neck hurts.

Seriously, major league stiffness here. But the issue lies somewhere else. If I allow the stiffness to seep into my trip I lose effectiveness. Hey we all need a break but a little stiffness can lead to me squandering away the whole of a flight easing my pain.

Here is the deal when it comes to time management: you choose. Choice management 101. I care not if you run an online business or you just wish to run your life more effectively. You choose what to do in each moment.

Like now. I can sleep. I can watch movies. I can read. Or I can write blog posts. I go with the post. Why? Because I feel energized. I feel ready to conquer Bangkok. Well not quite but I do feel ready to churn out a seriously in depth post.

I learned 23 clear lessons cruising halfway across the world. Here we go.

1: Choice Management

Time management is choice management. On takeoff I chose to read an inspirational book. I chatted with my neighbor for about an hour; a bit longer than usual for me but I was having fun. So, after wrapping up my chat I wrote. 1 post down for my other blog. I chose. You choose. Sitting on a plane makes your choices obvious; controlled environment type thing.

2: Do Not Feel Bad about Making Growth Choices

I cut my chat short because I had work to do. I know many folks – insert “old me” – who feel bad cutting discussions short to complete work-related tasks. If you happen to be chatting with a neighbor on a plane or on your street respect your time and respect your time.

Do not feel bad about getting your work done and cutting conversations short to get your work done.

3: Know Why

I felt motivated to write because I dig freedom. Time management buffs know why they choose what they choose to do. I like traveling the world. I like going to Bangkok in a few hours and prospering online while I do it.

So I make choices which support this intent. I choose to manage my time from an effective space because I know this; if I know “why” I will use my time effectively.

4: Lighten Up

I meditated quite a bit before the flight. So now I am creating from a light, relaxed space, a space which helps me management time effectively.

Calm people make wise choices. Wise choice makers use time effectively. Worried individuals make dumb choices which results in poor time management.

I gotta watch it; after hitting some turbulence at times I feel agitated. Far from light. Honoring my feelings in these moments can be dangerous. I might make a silly, unintelligent decision or series of decisions leading to poor time management.
Easy up Ry-Dawg. Relax. Mediate. Let go. Aha, feels better already.

5: Invest in Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Kelli is sleeping. She handed me her pair. Wow. Blocking out most noise helps you to maintain your focus and use time effectively. Buy Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. Now.

6: Travel Is One Big Opportunity to Create

I have 17 hours to work with. Something is wrong if I do not churn out multiple posts. If I decided to break, I break, but what a wonderful opportunity create content which helps folks.

The flight, the bus ride, the train ride, the delays at the airport are opportunities for the seizing. Use them wisely. Choose to turn down time into effective time if you it is time to work.
Stop wasting time. Grow your online business.

7: Tools Rock

As I write a fun thing is happening; hootsuite pro churns out content on my behalf. Or I should say my scheduled posts reach my twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as I write.

Time management 101; use tools to leverage your presence. Automate some processes to grow your business while you sleep.Make wise choices by allowing programs to work for you while engage in other activities. Like flying from New York too Bangkok.

8: Sleep

Down time is necessary. Sleeping more necessary. I felt exhausted before and even though I intended to stay awake until I reached Bangkok to remedy my jet lag it did not happen.

I mean, I left NY JFK at 5 PM Sunday and will arrive in Bangkok at roughly 11:40 Monday. With the 17 hour flight and time change my system is whacked out.

I need sleep. Depriving yourself of sleep only impairs your judgement which affects your decisiong-making ability with of course influences you to use time poorly.

9: Turn off the Watch Go off of Feelings

No time watching now. Impossible. I am changing time zones like a madman. I have no clue what time it is wherever the heck I am; Russia, Alaska, Canada, China??? Who knows. I have a rough idea checking out the flight path but as for time, the heck with it, and this is a great thing.

I did a 180 last week. Now of course I did not toss out my watch but I did listen to my intuitive nudges more recently and disregarded timing each work session. Letting go promotes growth. Behaving in a regimented manner works sometimes but over the long run working on a tight schedule can stifle your creativity.

Observe my posts. Look back 1-2 weeks. See the jump in quality? I stopped timing, ceased rushing and dove into creating true resources. I like writing resources because I know most folks appreciate 1 stop shopping; read one piece of content, research, take notes, you are set.

Writing blog posts as resources takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and a strong detachment from any outcomes. Turn off the way go off of feelings.

10: Learn Lessons

Talking to my flight neighbor sparked an idea in my mind: she observed how many people in her business were brutally inefficient. The average person put in more and more hours each day to see less output.

Run your online business from an effective space. Learn lessons from conversations and from yourself to use your time more wisely. Heck, her time management lesson helped inspire this post.

11: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Do not fumble away time if your mind races. Do not squander away time if your body aches. Embrace uncomfortable circumstances, get the job done and then move on. By getting comfy with being uncomfy you can engage in income producing actities most of the day.

My neck hurts. My calvers are cramping up. “Calvers” being an affectionate term for “calves.” Well, my mind races, and I feel uncomfortable, but this is a good thing. Move into uncomfortable moments to use time wisely. I am getting stuff done as I fly halfway across our planet. No matter what. So I am using my time effectively.

OK one caveat; quit at quitting time. Going offline for a bit because my eyes are closing. Hey, I need sleep. Really need sleep. See you later….

12: Do What You Can in Short Focused Bursts

….Ok I am back. Work smart, from a relaxed space, then get off of the computer. Working in short bursts increases your effectiveness.

Imagine how easily you can do a good job if all you focused on was doing a good job? You would rock. All poor work is the reflection of a nervous, worried, overworked mind, all borne of working for too long, and working under tension.

Break every 30 or 60 minutes. Relax. Your online business will thank you and your effectiveness will go through the absolute freakin’ roof.

Relax. I watched “The Dark Knight Rises” during the flight because I dig batman and breaks. Working without breaking leads to tension, stress and poor time management. Taking breaks – both short and long – aids your judgment.

Smart people work and break. Short breaks frequently and a few long breaks during the day. The movie lasted 3 hours. Good money.

My little “take a walk to get the blood flowing during a bloody long flight” walks have helped me immensely. Each break detaches me from my biz outcomes. Bingo! Time management 101. Detach. Which brings us to...

13: Meditate

Meditate. I observed my thoughts and feelings a few times during the flight. Anxieties concerned with everything from turbulence to leaving my seat to chatting with my neighbor pop up at times. No worries. I can see the anxieties. I can embrace the stuff. I can release it.

Good thing too because obeying the worries would lead to poor choice making. Poor choice making leads to poor time management.

Meditating is truth serum. See the story. See the thoughts and feelings you experience on a moment to moment basis. You might just become free by mediatating. Why? Because you discover your true nature; you are awareness.

Awareness uses time effectively. Awareness watches. Awareness observes. Awareness makes wise choices from moment to moment.
Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes daily. Watch your breathing. Note if your focus drifts to ideas or feelings. Move your attention back to your breathing. Watch how quickly your time management skills improve.

14: Do What You Can Where You Are

Right now I can write a thorough research or I can half-ass this post all the way to Bangkok. I prefer to rock it out because without having access to the internet I can write. I can brainstorm, and think through my online businesses, but darnit; on a long ass flight I can write, that is what I can do.

Since I am doing what I can do with what I have to the best of my abilities you better believe I nailed down time management. At least in this moment.

Too many desperate folks chase online business solutions which arise from within.

I can generate leads, boost my ad revenue, attract more clicks and prosper through other blogging streams by writing a kick butt post. If I write a good post I am putting my time to good use. So, when I can access the internet I will go a bit heavier on networking and lighter on content creation.

Do what you can where you happen to be.


14 lessons down.

Time to manage…..time.

On to you.

How do you manage your time?

What tips can you add to this list?

Please share this post on all of your social networks. I appreciate your support!

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