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11 Tips for Killing Your Worst Online Business Limiting Beliefs

"Ryan, will you abandon me like other mentors? I am sick of joining programs only to be abandoned. I am sick of these lying, cheating mentors. I am sick of struggling."

Wow. I have seen this message again, and again, and again, as an online business mentor. I promise that I was the exact same person a few years ago. I was annoyed by my mentor. I was tired of being abandoned. I had little money. I was a screw up. I blamed everybody.....except myself.

Fast forward a few years. I am living the spectacular internet lifestyle. Chilling in Kathmandu Nepal now. What a site this morning! Stunning sunrise here. I feel blessed. OK here is the sunrise ;)

You can have it all. Live the internet lifestyle, kill your pains, leave your failures behind for good. But you need to do 1 thing and do it well to succeed wildly. The process is freeing but uncomfortable. The process is annoying, but oh so beneficial.

You must address your limiting beliefs.

You must admit your limiting beliefs.

I receive emails explaining how mentors continue to ignore these struggling folks, and how this niche is dead, and how this person blames so and so or the economy or the president for their failures. If you want to make money blogging all this stuff has to go. If you want to succeed with your online business all these excuses, all these limiting beliefs, all these success-killing, poisonous, terrible states of mind must be faced, embraced and released. Because as long as you hold a limiting belief you cannot come close to reaching your full potential.

My Story

I believed nobody would read this blog. I mean, I joined Triberr, and saw a nice jump in page views, but I believed, on a deeper level, that nobody cared, and that I would never generate substantial ad revenue through it, and that nobody would comment, and etc, naturally this became a reality for me.

One day I got honest; I stated the limiting belief to myself. This felt miserable, then good, for when I moved into acts to connect with other bloggers I noted an uptick in comments. People were reading. Excellent! I addressed my limiting belief instead of sweeping it under the rug and wow, cool things began to happen after this moment.

Ready for the steps?

Let's go!

1: Own it All

If you cannot get your online business mentor on the phone YOU attracted such a mentor. You could have patiently done research on a mentor and picked a winner. You could have followed their system, proved your worth, and naturally, you would have drawn your interest. So, if they do not pick up the phone, own it. Take responsibility for all of your online business failures to become wildly successful.

This one feels sucky then oh so freeing. I made pennies through google adsense a few months back. No, I did not make money blogging at all, really, so I owned my limiting belief: "Ryan, you have never made much money blogging so this will be your reality, like, forever", then added income streams to my google adsense. More income streams means more prospering for me. I owned it all. I took responsibility for it all because I am the cause and solution, for at all.

2: Know Why

I formerly deemed it IMPOSSIBLE to write one 2000 word blog post daily. Then I fell more in love with being free versus honoring my limiting beliefs. I believed it impossible but wanted to be free, and to become successful, and wanted to live the internet lifestyle, more than I wanted to agree with my limiting belief.

So I fell in love with my reason WHY I wanted to succeed online and wrote the damn post each day.

Life is about uncovering your limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs.

Knowing why you want to succeed helps you kill your limiting beliefs so you can succeed wildly with your online business, or your internet marketing venture, or your ghostwriting venture.

3: Visualize

You are picturing something now. These words. Me, as you read. Or you glance to the side and see my traveling the world. Or you compare yourself to me and build an *impossible no I cannot do that stuff* in your mind when you read my posts. Well here is the deal; your life follows your mental pictures.

If you visualize yourself traveling the world for 20 minutes daily I guarantee this will happen; every reason why you CANNOT travel the world comes up in mind. Money, no powerful friends, no luck, all those BS, cancerous, limiting beliefs arise, but if you can write them out after visualizing, and stare them straight in the eyes, and visualize each day, seeing yourself living your dreams, and becoming emotionally involved with your vision, then you will succeed. Then the limiting beliefs go away and you attract the ideas, people and circumstances to make your dreams come true.

Then you act inspired and wind up living in Bali, or Phuket, like me. Then you succeed like a boss. Like this guy, who is avoiding dust in Kathmandu ;)

Visualize. Slay your limiting beliefs.

4: Build a Network of Inspiring Friends

I am astounded by what my friends have overcome to succeed. So I naturally push myself to succeed despite my limiting beliefs, because I know that if they did it, I can do it too. If somebody can make money blogging at an insane clip I can do it too.

I read an article from Steve Pavlina a few days ago. He is not a close friend but I did gain inspiration from his work, as he noted that he pulled in over $1000 a day through his blog, and this was many years ago.

I have many good buddies who have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to succeed wildly online. They inspire me to release my limiting beliefs so I can do the same.

Surround yourself with winners.

5: Trust

I admit, right now I am tired. Worn out. My fingers hurt. My eyes are straining. So I am taking a break. I trust. I believe that some Higher Power will arrange things on my behalf and that I do not have to kill myself to make things work in my life. I do not trust all the time but I am improving.

Trusting helps you to let go the limiting belief that you need to be in full control to succeed. Sorry. You are not in control. The Universe, or God, is in control. You act inspired, and have fun, and align yourself, and trust, and yep, your wildest dreams will come true but you must detach and trust for these neat things to happen.

OK, on to my break ;)

6: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

My biggest online business breakthroughs happened after uncomfortable moments. OK, usually hellish moments ;) But the point is to embrace your limiting beliefs. This feels terribly uncomfortable at times.

Sometimes my old money limiting beliefs pop up. This drives me batty. I fear losing money or not having enough money for a few moments. Uncomfortable stuff. But I hug the feelings instead of resisting them and what do you know? I instantly feel better after those few moments of misery. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to rock it out and slay your limiting beliefs.

7: 1 Hour or More on Personal Development Daily

Or at least 30 minutes. I note visualizing above but you should also meditate, affirm and read self help books, all together for at least 1 hour daily. Limiting beliefs like to bury themselves in your mind. Root them out. Big time. By working on your mental tools.

When you see yourself in the light of truth - after persistently meditating, visualizing and affirming - you can more easily nail down your limiting beliefs.

Personal development training made it all possible.

8: Know the True Definition of Sacrifice

Many online business entrepreneurs never embrace their limiting beliefs because they are so caught up holding onto the old, and worn out. Example; you might feel it more important to watch an hour of TV each night to unwind from work instead of writing a blog post.

Coming up with blog post ideas is stressful, you believe. Too much of a sacrifice (insert negative connotation of sacrifice here), so you watch the TV, churn out maybe 1 blog post a week, after 6 months of spending a few hours each week on blogging you label the whole work at home thing a scam, since you made $50 during the span.

It is ALL your fault because you held onto the old, and worn on, instead of releasing your bullcrap TV habit to make room for the new, and exciting, your prospering, money making blog, which would help you quit your stressful job and travel the world.

Of course you must accept the truth of what sacrificing really is before you can embrace this limiting belief.

9: Remove Negative People from Your Life Immediately

Energy Vampires are good at reinforcing your online business limiting beliefs. This crowd will put you in a box quickly, based on their own, flawed, clouded perception, and if you agree with them you are just as foolish as they are. Let go of them now. Negative, small-minded people live miserable lives because they hold onto their limiting beliefs like a security blanket.

They will readily force you to hold onto your limiters, telling you that running an online business or working at home is way too risky. So, let them go, to make room for successful people. Set up a vacuum for successful people to populate.

10: Snap Back

Place a rubber band around your wrist. The moment you hear a limiting belief in your mind snap the band. Alarm yourself of the low energy instantly so you can let it go, proceed, and prosper.

11: Go the Extra Mile

I felt like writing a 600 word post. Here we are. I proved to myself that I could write beyond my perceived limits. Developing this habit helps me to push myself to my limits on a daily basis.

Push yourself. Your limiters reveal themselves after you push yourself from the possible to the impossible. That little extra bit of pushing creates astounding success for you because you can see exactly where you are screwing up.....and of course, simply decide to go beyond that point.

Set a high precedent. Go a little bit higher to prove to yourself that you can do it!

Your Turn

How do you release your online business limiting beliefs?

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