Saturday, September 28, 2013

1 Mistake Crippling Even the Most Talented Bloggers

I find talented bloggers who suffer from a mistake. A block. I am not immune from it.

Simple mistake to spot but it can be tough to correct.

"I am not making money with my blog so I must be a failure."

This one mistake led me to do stuff which lowered the value of my blogs. Posting too frequently. Moving away from networking. All that stuff.

Remember 1 thing; to make money blogging your blog must be cool.

Once you are cool, and people trust you, then the money flows in.

But reaching that cool factor requires you to create awesome content and make powerful connections with other bloggers, and you might not be getting paid much at all during that period of time.

You are not a failure. Failing is an event. You are unlimited.

Create awesome value.

Make powerful connections.

The money will keep. The Universe keeps a silent tab.

Carry On!

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