Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Do I Travel So Much?

Why do I travel so much?

1 - Traveling is exciting.

2 - Traveling is fun.

3 - Traveling feels freeing.

4 - Traveling forces you into extremely uncomfortable situations at times which forces you to increase your creativity, boost your confidence and yes, find out where you need to improve yourself. You will grow like a freaking weed in every area of your life after spending months and years immersed in different cultures, where you need to learn how to perceive situations differently, tolerate customs, and embrace the fact that YOU and your culture might not know the *best way* to handle certain situations lol....

You also have no clue in hell how the world works until you get on a damn plane and travel across the world lol.....this for my armchair US quarterbacks hahaha and yes I was one of these folks 3 years ago ;) Watching a cnn story on Bali does not quite measure up to a Balinese taxi driver explaining the culture in person, and obviously learning from the local people through your interactions.

Get on a plane guys. Travel. You will thank me later ;)