Monday, August 12, 2013

Internet Business Tip: Are You a Big Fish in a Small Pond?

I like being a Big Dawg. More than that though, I like learning, and being inspired by, well, inspiring people. I do not like getting bored, or feeling stale, or running into the internet business doldrums. I have been there. We all have been there, right? ;) Well, I am better at spotting these moments where I feel like growth is an impossibility and I know the dead on reason why. I promise, I do.

If you can get over the Big Fish Small Pond syndrome thingee you can grow like a weed, make money online at a steady clip and expand your presence quickly. But IDing this mistake is tricky, because your ego is good at setting up convenient, but growth-defying, blind spots. I know better now. I see my blind spots with greater ease daily, as I push myself out of my comfort zone.

OK, What Is the Syndrome?

You are light years ahead of your online internet business buddies. Sure, we all go at the same pace, but if the people you hang with online never challenge you, or raise the bar higher by pushing themselves, you need to find bigger fish, and a bigger pond. Why? These people are not inspiring you and yep, you will get caught up in that good old rut known as a comfort zone, where dreams die, where growth stops and where your internet business stagnates.

You need to hang with people who push themselves if you want to push yourself on a persistent basis. You need to be a big fish with even bigger fish, in a big pond, then you will never cease to push yourself each hour of each day.

Your job gets easier if you are willing to push yourself. Surround yourself with people who continually raise the bar for themselves so you naturally want to raise the bar for yourself.

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