Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Get Over 254 Glowing LinkedIn Endorsements and Why this Builds Your Online Business

(OK missing 13 endorsements but they would not fit ;)

Why do you buy what you buy? Someone tells you to buy it. A friend. A family member. A trusted brand. Aha! Trust. The key word. The buzz word. The one word you absolutely, positively, must build your online business around. LinkedIn endorsements influence people to know, like and trust you.

I care not of a few skeptical opinions you might see here and there; if someone sees you maxed out at 99 endorsements for each skill set, or if you are snagging 50, 60 or more Big Ups per skill set, you make an impression. An impacts. Done deal.

Snagging endorsements grows your internet business, helps you make money online, increases your brand recognition and it can give you a little ego boost too ;) Nothing wrong with that.

I have 254 endorsements now. Due to grow any moment. How did I do it?

1: Be All Over

I am all over. I post frequently. I post frequently. I post frequently. Posting frequently makes you magnetic to people.

2: Respond to LinkedIn Likes

I was a dolt. Honest. I mean I offered online business tips by the boatload yet I ignored this simple, easy to follow, critical, relationship-building rule. I ignored Likes. Opportunity lost. But one day I decided to note Likes, to respond with a hearty "Thank You" to as many likes as possible then the TY crowd turned around and endorsed me for social media marketing, because I just proved that yep, I know the focal point of social.....engaging!

3: Endorse Others

Sow to reap. Sow to reap on LinkedIn. Get endorsements by giving endorsements. Get by giving. Help people. Get help. This 1 rule, if you follow it, changes your life for good. Give out what you seek. Share online business tips to receive online business tips, offer testimonials to receive testimonials.

No 1 for 1 deal here guys; give without strings attached. Sure you can ask for help after helping but do not adopt a conditional frame of mind. At least if you want to make the real internet business magic work.


Why? Why snag endorsements? Because each endorsement is a ringing testimonial, good money, trust-building, "this gal or guy must know what they are talking about" type stuff. No easier way to say it. I mentioned this up top. People buy based on trust. People help based on trust. Gain that trust. Use these tips. Rock it out.

Please watch the video.

How to Snag 254 LinkedIn Endorsements and Why You Should by Ryan Biddulph

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