Monday, August 5, 2013

How I Raised My Alexa Rank by Millions without Using Smoke and Mirrors

I started off last month with an Alexa ranking well over 2 million. Today I am up to 260,103 in the world, with a rank of 59,010 in the United States. How did I do it without using tricks, or smoke and mirrors, or baloney low energy tactics? I worked. Hard. I made friends and created content. I also added a review widget to the sidebar - see it below, please write me a review ;) - to boost my Alexa rank too.

I work to succeed. Working smart and persistently helps success find you. Another thing; do not get too attached to your Alexa rank as this can mark your blogging doom. Stop checking your stats every hour or even every day. Focus on creating and connecting. Create and connect, create and connect. More people visit your blog, page views jump, more links, more gaudy scores and of course, your ego receives a nice little boost too ;) But never, ever attach yourself to stats for that marks your online doom.

Boosting your online score by millions take effort, real effort. What type of effort?

Posting Multiple Times Daily

Post one or more times - preferably more ;) - each day to boost your Alexa rank.

Comment on Blogs

Post comments on blogs. Generate links in by helping out your fellow blogger.

Ask for Reviews

Ask for Alexa reviews to boost your online rep, Alexa Style.

Be Brutally Persistent

Right now at 1:03 AM I do not feel like working. But I do. This is part of the game.

Practical tips rock. Practical tips put fannies in seats and money in pockets and all types of good stuff in motion. Increasing your Alexa rank is not easy, although you can jack up this score quite fast if you become a content creation and connection machine. These were always goals of mine so I have few issues boosting my score quickly.

Push yourself. Go a bit beyond today. Most of the high ranking stuff hinges on your effort, or what you are willing to do in order to increase your Alexa rank, or grow your online business, or heck, to do whatever you need to do to rock it out.