Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Can You Generate Over 10,000 Page Views from a Single Post?

Yep that is me up top watching my blog traffic skyrocket ;)

OK, first the post:

Why Are You Struggling to Make Money Online with Facebook?

Hesham took the page view icon away but last I checked it was like 12,000 I believe....but I will lowball it lol ;) What I do know is this; if you follow these steps you too can write a viral blog post.

Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • SEO is beyond critical in building a viral post; ok, you can go viral without SEO but why not make your job easier......this post topped  Google for "how to make money on Facebook" for many months which boosted my views dramatically
  • Hit pain points, I mean, REALLY hit pain points....people struggle to make money online with Facebook and other networks so I wanted to address these issues directly
  • Select a niche specific powerhouse blog where you can place a guest post....yes you can go viral on your blog too but going the guestie route here and there can boost your chances of creating a viral masterpiece
  • Page views rise if you give people something worth reading...Facebook is a heckuva popular network and many bloggers and online business folks want to make money online so naturally this post had the potential to become kinda popular ;)
  • Responding to as many comments as possible may or may not boost page views.....the jury is out on this bullet point LOL!
  • Short and punchy work well for me.....some bloggers write long-winded posts but unless you are extremely comfortable and clear with using the long post strategy I strongly advise you to keep it short and punchy, in the 400 to 600 word range, 800 tops, because most writers simply add filler aka crap to boost their word counts to a mystical level
  • Aggressively promote the post across each of your social networks and be sure to help out your buddies and promote them.....this is 1 simple way to boost the page views of any post you happen to create
  • Draw some analogy between the online business or make money online niche and real life situations so readers can more easily see how to prosper......I used my famous corner store analogy, where you would work 7 days a week, 12 to 16 hours daily, to really take off fast and make money with your store.....the online world is no different, and I believe my analogy resonated strongly with the audience.
  • I asked a question with the title.....guys, this is one of the easy ways to generate a ton of page views in the online realm.....people need answers to question and when their "nosy gene" perks up you better believe these individuals are clicking through fast
OK, that is it for now. Like I noted before this post had 12K views or more, I am almost positive, when I last checked it a few weeks ago, but I went with 10K to go conservative ;) Either way you can really rock it out in the blogging world by following these basic, simple tips and you might even attract 10K, 12K or 14,000 views, or more, to a single post.