Saturday, August 31, 2013

Are You Making these 11 Catastrophic Blogging Mistakes?

I have made a series of serious mistakes as a blogger. Heck I know no one immune to making major blogging mistakes. Even the most disciplined, focuses bloggers get too giddy and do dumb stuff :) We have all been there.

So I decided to write a guest post for one of India's top blogs, and I feel so grateful to Harsh for extending the kind opportunity to me. This is my 2nd post on SML and lemme tell you, when you are writing for one of the top blogs in one of the 2 most populous countries on earth you will see a serious traffic spike.

Living my dream has been contingent on being honest with myself. Like, the internet lifestyle fell into place when I recognized I was making these 11 errors. I am still learning. Always will be. Because successful bloggers address blogging mistakes day after day, because hey, we are human and even after seeing some success we mess up.

Like me, I posted like a madman for about a month. 1 problem; nobody was around to read my posts. I networked little and posted a lot. Bad combo to influence people and make connections. Honestly addressing this massive mistake changed my life in a major league way....and my blogging career too.

So, without further adieu, let's dive into my post, shall we?

Please click the link:

11 Fatal Mistakes Bloggers Make

Have you made these mistakes?

What mistakes can you add to this list?

How are you correcting your mistakes?

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