Monday, August 26, 2013

9 Reasons Why You Need to Join Triberr

Ok I admit it. I know Dan and Dino like to share these posts. This could be reason 1; major league pop. Maybe I will make it Reason 9. But seriously folks if you crave having a life, join Triberr. If you crave passive traffic. Join Triberr.

Triberr is not a cure-all; you need to create content and make buddies and solve problems and persist and do all that fun stuff, too.....but if you are willing to share freely, connect with your Tribe-mates and persist using the network you can reap the astounding benefits of the networking tool known as Triberr.

I had no idea what Triberr was about a year ago. Honest to goodness. I heard good things about the network but never explored it much. One day someone suggested joining up; I did. Since then things have been rosy.

OK, a little hiccup for a few months, as I needed to switch up blogs due to conflict of content style - this boys and girls, is what we call "full disclosure" - but honest to goodness, Dino, Dan and the whole Triberr crew have been uber helpful supportive, responsive, and they run a smart organization. "Smart", meaning, yeah they get it.

Reason 1: Reach 24 Million People

OK. My reach expands to 24 million people. This basically means my online business content pops up in front of a jillion ("J") prying eye balls. Which means I can sleep.

Right now at 11:10 PM on a Sunday I write because the week is uber busy for me. Plenty of people to see. 7 days from now I will be about halfway over the Pacific Ocean. Yep, traveling itch, as I will be flying from New York JFK to Beijing, then Bangkok, then Kathmandu, Nepal. That my friends is why I Triberr. During the flight a bunch of my buddies will be sharing my content.

Moo. A cow in our backyard in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica. Frequent visitor. Solo visitor. She lost her tribe.

Auto-pilot traffic because a ton of people promote you. Good deal. Good money. Good Triberr.

Reason 2: Access a Supportive Network

Triberr users rock. Really. Each Triberr-mate I know supports buddies. Online business entrepreneurs succeed if supported by a network of high energy, helpful friends.

If you have ever joined tribes in the past you know how quickly these groups can fall apart. I joined more than 1 dead tribe. Yep, the type of group where everybody starts out generous, and giving, then looks out for their own selfish interests lickity split, stops promoting people, stops commenting on posts and whammo, the tribe becomes an army of rugged individuals. I love that mention, never dreamed I would use it in a Triberr post.

How can you access support? Tweet 'em on Twitter or shoot 'em a message on Triberr, or email them. Both Dan and Dino have been uber supportive, helpful and responsive.

BTW, "Dan" is Dan Cristo, and "Dino" is Dino Dogan.

Reason 3: Ease of Sharing

No more manual sharing. No more manual tweeting. Click a button. Share posts to multiple networks. We are on the run. All busy online business entrepreneurs. So, if you want to make money online and build relationships and share value and connect with leaders and travel and do whatever you want to do, learn how to automate.

Triberr makes it easy to automate. If I am busy - and I am now - I pop in, read a post, click the "Share" button and I am golden. Easy, peasy.

Reason 4: Expand Your Network Quickly

24 million reach. Think about it. The people I meet on Triberr know people, who know people, through each of their social networks. This is good. Really good. Imagine a spider web branching out. I spotted one on the way to the library. Big ole' web. Reaching out about 6 feet in diameter. I was impressed. I only saw webs that large in Southeast Asia. Not bad for Jersey.

Really Big Spider. She created a really big web. I evaded it. And her. Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica.

But anyway that spider will snag whatever it wants. Too big of a web NOT to snag critters.

Well you snag no one. You create and connect. But imagine your Triberr, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn web expanding through some 24 million users? Imagine how many people you could connect with? Imagine your growth? Imagine, imagine, imagine.

Expand your network quickly. Join Triberr.

Reason 5: Auto Pilot Sharing

Auto pilot sharing rocks. Again, I travel. A lot. While I cruise over some large body of water tweets go out and LinkedIn updates inform of my buddies of the latest and greatest online business developments, or social media developments, or internet marketing developments, or developments helping folks to make money online while on the road.

Automation keeps you sane. Trust me. I tried the 18 hour a day thing. Manual updates. Manually commenting on 45 blogs daily and sharing content. Running out of time sucks. Automating helps you avoid the suckiness of running out of time. Tribe it.

Reason 6: Intuitive Design

Triberr designers nailed it. Use intuitive, easy to navigate pages for expanding your presence. Right now I am scrolling down my tribal stream. Yep snagging ideas. I can share posts in a second, skim through titles, soak up previews. I can visit tribes, ask to join, comment on posts, read posts through Triberr, visit blogs, all quickly, easily and painlessly.

Reason 7: Get Noticed

I get noticed. 24 million reach. You can get noticed too. The recipe: write kick-butt content. Like, before writing this posts, I say to myself: "I somebody googled "Triberr", and found this post, after reading they should be set. No need to look anywhere else."

This involves writing a thorough post, a complete post, not to make it long, for the sake of making it long, but to cover all bases, to provide a resource, to help.

OK after writing kick-butt content people share the content. Influential people. People who rock, who can expand your presence quickly, who can change your online business pronto. Triberr gets you noticed. Fast.

Reason 8: Connect with Influencers

OK this dove-tails on 7 but Triberr is "Home of Influencers" so I had to mention it. Branding props to D and D. No not Dungeons and Dragons. You know who runs the site by now.

Reason 9: Free, Prime Lite and Premium Versions Available.

You can join Triberr for free. Or you can join at the Prime Light level or at the premium level for some major league juice. The point is this: whether you want to promote 2 blogs, or 4 blog, or 7 blogs, or whether you want to run 3, 7 or 12 tribes, you have the options through Triberr.

The free version rocks. I use it. But the paid versions can give you serious juice at a reasonable price. You cannot help but to prosper if you fork over a few extra dollars.

The Final Verdict

Have I made a convincing argument? I think so. Join Triberr for free. Learn the network. Connect. Create. Comment. Share. After taking your baby for a test spin you can upgrade if you would like. One note; Triberr works if you work. Share aggressively, comment and put out kick butt content to get the most out of the network.

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Do you use Triberr? Why? Why not?

How can you better use the network?

How do you get the most out of Triberr?

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