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7 Tips for Moving from a Poverty Consciousness to Prosperity Consciousness

Rewind 4 years. I remember being mortified after receiving a threatening phone call from a collection agency, informing me that my creditors were suing me. At the time I was about $50,000 in debt after running up my credit card bills. I was distraught; embarrassed, angry, full of rage and humiliated about the financial chaos in my life.

Fast forward 4 years. In 8 days I am hopping a jet to the other side of the world. Life has changed. My online businesses grow daily. I still have some work to do in changing my mind from a poverty to a prosperity consciousness but all is well and improving quickly.

How did I go from having 4 pennies in my wallet - true story - to traveling the world? How did I get rid of aggressive collectors, replacing them with calls from people who have been inspired by my thrilling story? Tune in. Grab a coffee. Come join me as I explain.

1: Fall in Love with the Idea of Being Free

I remember walking through downtown Newark after filing for bankruptcy. I was disgusted but also felt free. The burden was lifted. I could now aggressively start an online business. I instantly fell in love with being free, visualizing myself traveling the world, living the dream.

Fall in love with the idea of being free.

2: Embrace Discomfort

If you follow tip 1, tip 2 becomes easier to embrace. All you want lies outside of your comfort zone. Are you heavily in debt, like I was? Financial freedom lies outside of your comfort zone. Swallow your pride, go bankrupt, or start making payments. Do what you gotta do to develop your prosperity consciousness and leave your poverty consciousness behind.

I remember being out with my friends one day. Everybody chipped in for pizza. I had no money in my wallet. I was not hungry, or so I said. Another defining moment that disgusted me and forced me to leave my comfort zone.

Embrace discomfort. Your suffering is a matter of clinging on to the old, comfortable, and worn out. Let go. Grow. Prosper.

3: Wow Yourself

Scroll down. Go ahead, I will be here when you return ;) Keep going until you see my inspirational eBook. OK, back? I hope you clicked on it and bought it, or at least shared it with your buddies. The guy who wrote 500 inspirational quotes in the book - and 1000 in total - was an uninspired, negative thinking, fired security officer. I was miserable. Unhappy.

But one day after meditating I received an idea....or series of expand my online business reach. Write quotes. What quotes? These ones....and quote after quote hit my mind, and I typed 'em out, and after some research, I learned how to upload and format an ebook, for free, and my first eBook was published.

Wow yourself. I wowed myself the moment I thought of the idea and although I am humble, I still have to look back and see how far I came, and say, "Wow!"

Dazzle yourself. Do the impossible, to make it improbably, and then, a certainty.

4: Meditate Daily

Meditation reveals your true thoughts and feelings. I thought I was pretty positive after starting my online businesses. I thought I possessed a prosperity consciousness but after meditating for a few weeks for about 20 minutes daily I saw different. I feared going broke. I had a poverty consciousness because I worked from a place of fear, a place of lack, instead of working from a place of abundance, or faith in good things.

Sit quietly for 20 minutes daily. Focus on your breathing. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Be patient. Watch what really comes up, not what you are bullshitting yourself about, and you can face, embrace and release scared, poverty-conscious, lack and limitation type thoughts, and replace with prosperity conscious, wealthy thoughts.

After generating these thoughts you can move into wealthy acts and see wealthy results. See, look below....that is my fiancee Kelli and I chilling in gorgeous Nin Binh, Vietnam.

5: Associate with Wealthy People

You do not get rich by making a study of poverty. You move into a prosperity consciousness by associating with and studying how prospering people behave. The prospering crowd has plenty of money to do what they want, when they want to do it, so you can call this the happy, rich crowd.

Happy, rich people trained under happy, rich people. I immersed myself in "Think and Grow Rich", I listened to Bob Proctor CDs, taking notes and applying what I learned. After patiently using what I learned from wealthy people I moved out of debt and into my current internet lifestyle, allowing increasing amounts of money into my life.

6: Shut Down Your Laptop and Make Personal Development a Priority

This is tricky, but; how you think and feel, while you act, determines what actions you take, and the results you see are indicative of the actions you take. 98% to 99% of people on earth have no clue what they are thinking or how they are feeling for more than a few minutes or seconds daily, which is why 98% to 99% of people have little net worth, financially speaking.

When was the last time you saw a Ferrari commercial? Or a commercial for a Pagani Zonda? See what I mean? Most people - and again, I am learning myself - have absolutely no idea of how to become financially free because most people has no idea what they are thinking and feeling from moment to moment.

Spend 30 or more minutes daily on personal development, in addition to your 20 minutes of meditation time. Visualize. Affirm. Read books like "Think and Grow Rich", "The Science of Getting Rich", and "The Millionaires of Genesis", to expand your prosperity consciousness and broaden your awareness.

Truth serum will flow out of your mind, meaning that you begin to see your negative thought patterns, remove them, and replace with positive, prospering thought patterns.

On some days I spent 6 to 8 hours working on my mindset. I was that Effed up, lol! But it was worth it. Because I lived in Bali for 3 months, Thailand for a year and I just returned from a 2 month trip through Costa Rica. I live a dream but I worked like hell on my mental tools to make my dreams come true.

7: Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

No matter what, I owned it all. I own it all now because owning your life creates freedom in your life. No longer are you bound to people, situations, circumstances or the government, blaming outside conditions for your lot in life.

I owned my bankruptcy, I owned my lawsuits, and most importantly, when I was harshly criticized by people for making brave but freeing - and in other people's eyes, reckless - choices, I owned that too, convincing myself this was a price to pay for stepping away from the herd of sheeple to live my dream.


There you are guys. Whether you are struggling horribly to make ends meet, or to expand your online business, this gives you a solid framework through which you can move from a poverty consciousness, and continual failures, to a prosperity consciousness and winning. I hope you enjoyed my post :)

So, are you struggling financially?

What are you doing - and thinking, and feelings - to tune into abundance?

How can you better connect with your Higher Self to become happy, health and wealthy?

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