Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Reasons Why I Never Comment on Your Blog

I love commenting. Building relationships, getting traffic, serious backlink juice flowing in, all this stuff makes me happy. Sometimes I am prevented from leaving a comment. So, opportunity lost for me.....and you ;) Getting comments rocks. Many blogging tips teach you how to get comments but not as many folks explain why you rarely get comments, or why people never comment on your blog.

Enter this post ;)

I mean look at that churlish character above hahaha....of course I am happy, just had to snap it for this post. But you might lose a TON of strong, solid backlinks, along with extra content - comments are content, ya know - if you rarely get comments on your blog. No need to build your campaign around getting comments; just make it easy to comment, and you are good to go.

1: Captcha

Garbage. Or, not good lol.....each second of my day, ok, maybe a bit much, but each hour of my day proceeds according to sked. If something fumbles me - like dealing with the dreaded C word - I move on, or remember to never comment there again in the future after posting this comment.

Deal with spam. Delete it. Never use the C word lol.....

2: Crickets

If nobody else leaves comments or if you never respond I will avoid commenting on your blog.

3: No Questions

Someone should ask questions to receive answers, right? Makes sense to me. Ask questions to get answers. If I am rarely or never engaged I move on to a blog fostering a large, growing, supportive community, where commenting is encouraged. This is a much better look for ya, methinks ;) Asking ?, answering, commenting....right?

4: Google Plus Comments

Yuck. I want my backlink juice!

5: Facebook Comments

Yuck. I want my backlink juice!

What reasons can you add to this list? Why do you avoid commenting on blogs?