Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4 Ways to Annoy the Heck out of Your Readers

I got pop up dizzy a while back LOL. Not 1, but 2 pop ups, greeting me after visiting a blog. Even if you are a pro at running a successful internet business blog expect to fail using such an aggressive, in your face approach. Just 1 little annoyance here. First off though, focus on this idea; no matter what you do, you WILL annoy people. Accept this idea. Then get to embracing if your acts are desperate - like the double opt in guy or gal ;) - or coming from a calm, confident place.

Double Pop Up

Covered already. Need I say more? I would have signed up after the first pop hahaha...

Ad Frenzy

I swear, I just got assaulted by an ad frenzy, ahhhhhhh!!!!! LOL. I saw over 10 ads on 1 blog. Pretty blogs post 1 or 2 ads and go heavy on content. Ugly blogs go heavy on ads and make you hurl or annoy the heck out of you. Stop posting ads unless you have given folks some reason to click on the ads, or else, you guessed it, you will annoy the hell out of your readers. Like, if this post resonates with you, and you love it, you will look around and click on one of my ads, because you figure hey, if I am backing it, it must be good. Solid. You trust the source and click the ad. But if I posted 5, 10 or 15 ads, you stop trusting me. Too salesly, too annoying. A few ads. Heavy on content.

Posting Bland Lifeless Material

Bland. Lifeless. 3 tips to do this. Then I read the same words I have read hundreds of times. How about laughing out loud, on video, while you deliver the tips? NOW you are talking. No longer annoyed, you are making me laugh, you just connected with me and you better believe you can grow your internet business quickly once you connect with someone. Switch it up. Create different forms of content and a new angle to sharing old topics. Please your audience.

Posting 42 Calls to Action

Read my free ebook. Buy my free ebook. Join my team. Share this post. Leave a comment. Sign up for my list. Join my Group. Like my Fan Page. Follow me on Twitter. Click this ad. Join my team again lol! If I have 42 options, guess what? I ain't doing nothing LOL! Minimize calls to action. Imagine a menu at a nice restaurant with 300 meals to choose from. Unless you are a vegetarian - like myself ;) you might sit there for 10 or 20 minutes, with the onslaught of choices.

Look around my blog. Click on my ad. Or write me a guest post. Or hire me out. The rest are links to other blog posts, heavy on content, light on calls.

OK, not too annoyed anymore, LOL.

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