Friday, August 30, 2013

4 Easy Online Businesses to Start

Are you entirely lost? I remember my first day researching easy online businesses to start. I had little money. I had zero experience. I was a wreck. After a few hour's worth of research I took a deep breath.

Then I realized this: going the easy route wins. No, no easy online business exists but easy online businesses to start do exist. The ventures require little to no capital and ease of start up on the technical side. Once started these opps need to be worked. Hardcore. Success follows intelligent, focused actions. Success follows persistent actions. Success follows self-starting, hungry, focus entrepreneurs.

The intent of this article is to share 4 easy online businesses you can start quickly. No or little money needed. Little technical knowledge to get the business off the ground. Then, you need to inject the serious, dedicated, focused work. Then the fun begins.

I remember the first day I started to prosper online. Or at least the first day spent setting up my business venture. I flipped. It all seemed too much to me. I bit off more than I could chew. After calming down and focusing on what mattered most - after struggling for a long time - I finally discovered that simple works.

Starting an easy to begin, simple business model works best. No countless hours spent trying to re-invent the wheel, or to force your will on a venture. Nope. You can succeed by pursuing easy online businesses to start. Then, start the venture. Then, create value and increase your connections on a daily basis. Simple, easy, peasy, straightforward.

The Monstrous Problem

Most people have little confidence. Businesses become tough to start because you decide not to start a business. You delay, or stammer, or worry and put off what you should be doing now. Start today. Learn on the run. Or if you already have the skills to be a ghostwriter, or to generate ad revenue, start the damn business now.

I have studied billionaires who knew little yet earned a massive fortune developing their street smarts and I have also studied broke, miserable talented people who lacked the balls to start a venture. You do, or you do not. Problems arise when you do not and dreams come true when you do.

1: Start a Blogger Blog

Go to and set up a blog. It might take a few minutes to do so. From here you can monetize quickly through vehicles like Google Adsense. Hands down, running a valuable blog can move you from zero to hero pronto. People want value. Serve it up through your blog. People want solutions to problems. People want benefits. Serve, benefit and solve by running a content rich blog.

Starting the business is easy. Sign up for a blog. Then once you took the easy start route follow a professional blogger. A helpful guy or gal. Learn the in's and out's of your niche of choice and also learn the in's and out's blogging. This is not always easy. Sometimes you will struggle like hell. But at least you will avoid the binary this and matrix that style stuff which overwhelms most online entrepreneurs. Save your energy for creating something useful, not for trying to understand some business model.

Spend more time at the beach. Like me, here in gorgeous Hidden Beach just South of Jimbaran, Bali.

Cost to Start: 0

2: Set Up a Google Adsense Campaign

This one is easy on the front end. Simply register for an Adsense account. If you have created some content on your blog you can get approved quickly. Then link up to your bank account and collect checks.

After you start with your Adsense campaign learn the details behind what makes a successful plan. Stay on topic. Use SEO to target readers and pique the interest of advertisers. Put the time and energy necessary into learning your craft. Test and tweak. Yep, the world part.

But starting is a piece of cake. Sign up for an account. Then, bingo, you get approved - and you should - or you get rejected. If you get rejected simply appeal. You should get approved on the first try.

Cost to Start: 0

3: Affiliate Marketing

Sign up as an affiliate marketer. Sell products relevant to your niche. The products can be ebooks, boot camps, apps, tools, whatever. Make your niche and the product a match to see sales. Affiliate marketing is one of the truly easy online businesses to start because you fork down no money and after applying you will usually be approved.

The start up costs are zero and of course, it takes little effort to post an advertisement on your site. The work part consists of writing detailed, in depth reviews for your readers. Learning the benefits of the product and stressing the benefits, or dreams, your proposed customer can experience through your copy writing skills. Becoming a wordsmith takes time and energy. Starting an affiliate marketing gig takes little.

Cost to Start: 0

4: Offering Your Services

Hi I am Ryan Biddulph. I can save you time and energy by writing content for you. I can write your posts. You can prosper on auto pilot. Click the following link to learn more:

Hire Me

It took me 15 seconds to write the last 4 lines. As easy as it gets.

The work part: developing your skills. Becoming an adept writer, or social media user, or whatever you can bring to the table, does take time. But starting the business - aka - opening the income channel takes moments.

Cost to Start: 0


Each business is easy to start, meaning you can open open a channel through which money flows to you easily. Then you gotta prime the pump. This can be difficult. The ads are on your site. Your ghostwriting hire page is posted. Now hit the cyber street, make connections and provide value through blog posts, emails and newsletters to succeed.

Money responds to the value you provide and the size and support of your network. Opening an income stream is a piece of cake. Coaxing income through the stream takes time, energy, intelligent work and persistence.

"Easy to start" does not mean "easy to finish" but it does mean that with effort, you can eventually make money easily through these channels. The focus of today's post was to boost your confidence so you can get your online business up and running quickly.

Do you have any other easy online businesses to start?

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